Who Qualifies for Caveat Lodging in Perth

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Who Qualifies for Caveat Lodging in Perth

You will not only find the word ‘caveat’ being properly defined in TLA or Transfer of Land, but it is usually a warning or caution. The caveats that are lodged under the TLA are known to have a twofold effect before they are removed. Caveats are usually warnings to an individual searching the register of outstanding equity that is claimed by the caveator against any mortgage, charge or land lease.


Before you hire lease dispute lawyers Perth , you must know that a caveat can also be a statutory injunction that prevents the Registrar of Titles (Registrar) from registering any instrument. In this particular guide, you will learn more about caveats in Western Australia, the purpose/entry of caveats and who is able to lodge a caveat in Western Australia.

What is the Main Purpose of a Caveat?

A caveat is not known to confer any single interest by itself, and its main purpose and function are to preserve and safeguard the rights of a caveator. It can help prohibit the interest of the caveator from being beaten by the registration of dealing without the caveator having the initial opportunity to invoke the help of a court to give effect to that interest.


The interest will usually arise via the application of legal rules and principles. It may also arise due to a certain equitable remedy that is there to safeguard it. Before you hire a lawyer for your case, you must know more about a caveat.


What is the Role of a Registrar?

It is not considered the duty of the registrar to decide the validity of a claim. But, the registrar does not decide if the specific claim made is a caveatable interest, if the proof offered is enough to support that claim or if the claim’s nature is improper.

The validity or correctness of a caveator’s claim will be for the caveator, but in some cases, only a court can decide. Some of the roles of a registrar are the following:

  • They have to be satisfied that a caveat can meet the requirement of the form.
  • They can ensure that different statutory requirements are met.
  • In some specific cases, they can draw attention to the perceived defects in the substance of that particular claim made, the sufficiency of the caveat or risks that the caveator has.
  • They can record the caveat and provide notice of the caveat to that registered owner or judgment creditor named in registered property orders with respect to the judgment’s debtor sale interest.

How is a Caveat Entered?

Before you know more about commercial leasing disputes, you must know how a caveat is entered. If a caveat is substantially in a form that is approved by the registrar and can properly identify the land that will be affected or claims an interest in land, the register entry will be automatic. A caveat will be effective from the time of lodgement.

Improper Caveat Entry

Under the s.138 of the TLA, registered owners can choose to call the caveator to appear before the supreme court or a judge to show the reason why the caveat is not eligible for withdrawal. Section 140 of the TLA helps provide that a caveator who lodges the caveat without any reasonable cause will have to pay compensation for the damage that is caused to the judge. They also may be summoned in chambers.


The main purpose of a caveat is to safeguard the rights of the caveator. The effect of any caveat is that any individual who wishes to deal with the property against which the caveat has been lodged cannot do so without making the caveator know.


If any individual claims any interest or an estate in land, they can lodge a caveat. Some of the examples of interests that can support the lodgement of a caveat are as follows:

  • The purchaser is under a contract for the sale of land
  • There is a grantee of an option to purchase land
  • There is a charge of the land
  • The individual holds an unregistered instrument related to the land
  • The party benefited due to the easement covenant related to the land.

A landowner can choose to lodge a caveat against their own land:

  • To be able to protect their interest in the land
  • They can also help prevent improper dealings in their land.

But you must know that specific interests may not include a caveat interest. A caveat must relate directly to an identifiable or existing interest.

Can You Lodge a Caveat When Under Debt, and Under What Circumstances?

This is one of the most popular questions related to caveats, and if you want to lodge a caveat for non-payment of a debt, the landowner must let you charge over the land as security for debt payment. The consent will be in the form of any charging clause in the security or debt agreement.


Any debt that arises from a loan provided to the owner of the land for purchase or improvements to the land will give rise to caveatable interest and allow for the lodgement of a caveat.

Do You Suffer From Consequences When Improperly Lodging a Caveat?

Before you hire a property dispute lawyer in Perth for the foremost dispute resolution methods to look after your caveat issue, you must note that the acceptance of the lodged caveat does not indicate that the caveat will be valid. Landgate will accept and process a caveat if it is in the right form and describes the interest claimed. But if a caveator lodges or complains about a caveat and does not have a caveatable interest, they will have to pay damage compensations to that registered owner.

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