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The term Intellectual Property represents the application of mind in developing something new. There can be numerous forms of intellectual property: an invention, formula, brand, design, computer code or artistic creation. Intellectual property is usually the most important part of a business. Managing and protecting it well is a great necessity.

Our intellectual property lawyers Perth can help you in protecting and managing your intellectual property assets. Intellectual property law contains the following types: (1) Copyright (2) Patent (3) Trade mark (4) Design.

Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects the manner or form in which an information or idea is expressed. In Australia, the life of copyright material is governed by the Copyright Act 1968. An original work automatically attaches itself to copyright protection at the time when it is formed. When the copyright work becomes existent, the originator of the work gets the sole economic rights, for instance the right to publish and copy.

Intellectual property attorney Perth is highly experienced in offering legal services and advice with respect to copyright.

Trade Mark
A trade mark is the way to recognize a service or product. A high-quality trade mark can differentiate a business from other dealers. In Australia, the Trade Mark Act 1995 governs a trade mark as well as its registration and the Trade Marks Office administers it. Our Intellectual property lawyers Perth have wide experience in offering legal services and advice regarding trademarks. If you need legal advice regarding trademarks, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Property Lawyers Perth.

A patent is the right that you get granted for any device, substance, process or method which is new, beneficial and creative. A patent can be legally implemented and provides you sole rights to commercially make use of the invention for the existence of the patent. Our lawyers specializing in property law Perth will guide you efficiently with your case.


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