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A prohibitive pledge is an understanding between landowners to limit the utilization or advancement of one package of land to make an advantage as for another bundle of land or on occasion an open expert. Prohibitive contracts might be made by:

  • a deed setting out the terms of restrictive covenants land law Perth the prohibitive pledge;
  • at exchange of restrictive covenants property Perth containing the words making the prohibitive agreement; or
  • Plans of subdivision under part IVA of the Transfer of Land Act.

Prohibitive pledges might be enlisted against the authentication of title of a package of land. Such agreements append to the land and resulting buyers of the land are bound by the pledge that connects to the land. Landgate is in charge of the enrollment of prohibitive contracts and ought to be reached if inquiries emerge.

Diverse services rendered by our lawyers on restrictive covenants

Our residential property lawyers Perth can help you with the following ways:

  • agreement between the gatherings having an enthusiasm for the agreement under segment 129B of the Transfer of Land Act 1893;
  • an request of the Supreme Court under segment 129C of the Transfer of Land Act 1893;
  • where a prohibitive contract was made under part IVA of the Transfer of Land Act 1893, on the application to the Registrar of Titles by the landowner of the troubled or profited arrive, or by the neighborhood government or open expert profiting from the agreement, with the assent of every pertinent individual;
  • an application made to Landgate as per segment 129BB of the Transfer of Land Act 1893, which gives a further instrument by which prohibitive pledges for the advantage of an open expert made under area 129BA of the Transfer of Land Act 1893 might be quenched or changed;

In the event that you require legitimate exhortation in connection to making, changing or smothering a prohibitive contract, please get in touch with us to mastermind a meeting so we may consider your particular conditions.


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