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Due diligence illustrates the procedures taken on to make sure that a party holds the required information that will influence the decision making of the party in regards to a transaction. For instance, a party offering a loan to someone will want to execute due diligence in respect to: the loan purpose, e.g. feasibility of a business; implementation of securities presented, e.g. if there are additional claims of higher precedence; and aptness of the borrower, e.g. insolvency checks etc. Our due diligence lawyer Perth can help you with this.

The rank of due diligence suitable to a deal will rely on the characteristics and particular conditions of the deal, judged against the degree of risk management that is desired to be undertaken by the client. The process of property due diligence gives better wellbeing to the client as all pertinent information has been taken into account prior to completion of a transaction and diminishes the likelihood of bigger costs being encountered in ensuing legal action or losses endured because of any falsifications.

Our diverse role in providing effective consultation on due diligence

Property Lawyers Perth has great experience in giving advice and helping clients with regard to the due diligence process, comprising: (1) Examining and giving advice on contracts overriding a deal (2) Examining and giving advice on pertinent legal documents of a third party, such as supplier contracts, guarantees, loans, franchise agreements etc that would influence the profitability of a contract (3) Examining and giving advice on the legality and implementation of security being offered, adding in previous mortgages and warnings recorded on real property provided as security (4) Examining and giving advice on commercial documents if needed and interacting with third party advisers like accountants (5) Performing researche of records kept by regulatory agencies.

If you need legal advice with respect to due diligence, you may contact our lawyers specializing in property law Perth by phone or email in order that we may deliberate on your particular circumstances.

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