Lease disputes and disputes over Caveats

Commercial leasing and residential leasing – our commercial property lawyers Perth are skilled in all features of leasing and work for landlords as well as tenants in making and negotiating leases, implementing lease terms and conditions and representing our clients in lease disputes and disputes over caveats.

Basic features of Commercial Lease
A commercial lease or a business property lease is a legally binding agreement between a business proprietor and the real estate property owner. The documents of commercial leases are a great deal more intricate than those of residential leases, as commercial leases are greatly customized to the specific situation. You should be very carefully while reading the terms and conditions of the lease in order to ensure that they go with the requirements of your business.

Avoid Lease Disputes with our guidance
First of all, locate your lease documents and study them cautiously, ensuring that you completly understand the legal terms and conditions. Secondly, ensure you comprehend your legal rights and obligations and those of the landlord. Then think about the options, including negotiation, mediation and court action. You may contact Property Lawyers Perth to organize an appointment with our lease lawyers to talk about your commercial lease agreement and avoid any sort of disputes over caveats.

Disputes over Caveats
We offer legal advice on lodging caveats over properties as well as whether you hold the capacity to lodge a caveat over a property. Also, we offer legal advice on the caveats removal under Section 138B of the Transfer of Land Act 1893 (WA). We as well work for parties who are engaged in a dispute over caveats.

For more information, contact Property Lawyers Perth by phone or email. Commercial lease disputes can frequently include numerous diverse laws, such as contract, business and real estate regulations. When you require help with a commercial lease dispute, contact us at property lawyers Perth.


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