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The Dividing Fences Act 1961 united with neighborhood government by-laws deal with the help and erection of isolating divider. The exhibit does not help with fence stature impediments; see deterrents or encroachment, or hold dividers like fence property line dispute. In any case, the exhibition, notwithstanding different things, sets out a method for sharing the costs among neighbors and gives a part by which the huge social affairs can swing to the Court to decide the inquiry.

It is indispensable to observe that in the event a get-together erects a fence that is to a higher standard than the required ‘sufficient fence’ standard without prior comprehension of the adjoining proprietor, that part can simply guarantee an extensive bit of the cost of what it would have cost to erect or keep up a fence that was a ‘satisfactory fence’. For notice assistance or if you have any questions identified with neighbor fence dispute regarding wall contact fence disputes Perth.

Ordinarily, in dividing divider face off regarding we would ask our client to weaken all attempts to decide the inquiry going before attracting us. Regardless, shockingly such attempts to decide the civil argument set out not by and large viable.

Role of our property lawyers in fence dispute cases
Our residential property lawyers Perth are experienced in dealing with a broad assortment of question in association with dividing divider, including, however not limited to:

  • The possible disputes developing in respect of new living arrangements
  • The possible disputes developing in respect of existing living arrangements
  • The chances of arising disputes related to visual snags and stature confinements
  • The chances on non negligence disputes with the specific fashioners

Likewise, generally speaking we can decide the civil argument without falling back on exorbitant suit. In the event that you require authentic direction in association with dividing divider, contact us.


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