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A license is your contractual right which helps you control, manage and protect your intellectual property, which has value similar to tangible property and you need to protect it. A license permits a holder or licensor of intellectual property rights to earn money from a creative work or an invention by charging a user or licensee for the use of the product. Proprietary rights are protected by licenses in things like software and other computer products. A license is used to give someone consent to perform some activity or to utilize your property.

You should know the different kinds of property rights prior to your creation of a licensing agreement: Copyrights – innovative works of authorship set in any concrete expression form; Patents – inventions ; Trademarks – names, words or symbols making out goods sold or made, differentiating them from others.

Major duty of a license lawyer Perth
Intellectual property is a complicated region of law, and your lawyer licensing process is frequently the top source to assist you in protecting and managing your rights. When you have a grip on your intellectual property rights, you will be able to make your licensing agreement.

In business, you must have a written license agreement. But the agreement need not be long and complex. It can be simple and enforceable. First, you have to fix the scope of the license. Licensing conveys the fact that you are assigning rights of limited use for property. You must make sure that you maintain ultimate ownership rights. But rights should be wide enough so that customers would like to use your product.

Numerous problems crop up when you draft a license agreement. Laws pertaining to intellectual property can be very complex. A license lawyer Perth can offer valuable help with drafting your agreement and in enforcing it.

Property Lawyers Perth are widely experienced in advising clients with license agreement. If you need legal advice with respect to license agreements, do not hesitate to get in touch with us over phone or email.


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