Landlord and Tenant Law

Basically, a tenancy agreement or a lease – a legally binding agreement – gives particulars of the rights and obligations of the property owner (known as the lessor or landlord) as well as a third party that has accepted the occupancy of the property (known as the lessee or tenant) for a fixed term. It is imperative that both tenants and landlords completely understand their rights and obligations related to all features of a lease.

Property Lawyers Perth is widely experienced in giving advice to both tenants and landlords in relation to their rights and obligations following residential and commercial leasing.
Residential leases usually involve residential dwellings. They are controlled by the Residential Tenancy Act 1987 (WA) in Western Australia. The Act was made with the aim of helping tenants and describe their rights logically. But there is a great deal to read and if you find it difficult to understand, you can always look for legal advice from cheap property lawyers Perth who are working with us.

When the leasing property is primarily used for business purpose, a commercial lease is employed. In Western Australia, commercial leases are mostly controlled by the Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreement Act (WA) 1985. The Act controls retail lease arrangements between tenants and landlords and describes some of their rights and responsibilities related to lease.

Legal advice on landlord and tenant law
Our property lawyers have vast experience in Landlord and tenant law Perth. Then can give expert advice to landlords, tenants and agents in relation to all features of leasing, containing: (1) negotiating, drafting and examining the lease agreement terms (2) Implementing the terms and conditions of lease agreements and (3) representing clients in lease conflicts.

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