What Legal Pitfalls Should Be Avoided When Preparing Property Tenders?

May 20, 2024    propertylawyersperthwide
What Legal Pitfalls Should Be Avoided When Preparing Property Tenders?

Tendering is a method where a buyer or organisation invites their suppliers to present offers for goods or services. The purchaser chooses the best one among all the presented proposals. This process is also called a request for tender (RFT)

The property tender drafting Lawyers in Perth helps the citizens of Western Australia acknowledge and sail through such situations. This blog will dive deep into the legal pitfalls that should be avoided when preparing property tenders.

What does one mean by legal pitfalls?

Legal pitfalls can be explained as a set of complex issues that greatly fluctuate depending on the circumstances of an individual case. Some instances of LP are mentioned below.

  • Clogged courts can happen when you request legal compensation from a person. It can increase the insurance premium rates and lead to people missing their insurance.
  • Employers or organisations should keep in mind that the employee’s protected characteristics, such as caste, race, gender, religion, etc., are not violated.
  • Employers must look into the criteria an employee requires to work in the organisation.
  • Valid, detailed, and properly written policies may protect a business against potential lawsuits.

Let us know about some common tendering mistakes.

People make mistakes while drafting a tender. Some of them are highlighted below.

  • One must read and review the document minutely before submission.
  • Tenders must address a selection criteria. Failure to do the same can lead to top-disqualified tenders.
  • Providing detailed information is crucial. Vague information can become an obstacle while passing the tender.
  • Prices mentioned in the tenders must be realistic and competitive. Lower or higher prices can lead to disqualification.
  • Legal advice must be sought from property lawyers in Perth before drafting a tender.

Detailed guide on Managing the risks

Managing the risks of being sued must be one of a company’s top priorities. Complete removal of such threats is rarely possible. An owner must learn to avoid them or seek help from tender document advisory Lawyers in WA. They can help by applying a few principles to tendering and assessment methods.

While drafting documents, some important rules are to be followed:

  • Owners must make sure exclusion clauses are involved. They must ignore damages for breaches of obligations.
  • Use words that provide various options to the issuer. It must be kept in mind to exclude obligations.
  • It must be mentioned while drafting that the issuer has rights reserved to reject all or any tender they find inappropriate. They can also alter any tender and enter negotiation processes if needed.

Assessing key rules when evaluating submissions

  • All criteria must be mentioned in the document and revised before submission.
  • If the issuer decides to depart from the process, all the people involved with the organisation must be informed.
  • Lastly, the issuer must not disclose reasons for their decision as it may lead to qualms amongst them.

Ways to Improve Your Tender Response

Note these top tips before drafting your tenders for a smooth submission.

  • Thorough research is necessary before drafting.
  • Familiarise yourself with the stages of the process. This may result in the submission of a more compelling offer.
  • Having a critical understanding of the buyer is crucial. Acknowledging the requirements and the budget can help you make a customised tender plan.
  • Showcasing your strength focuses on the offerings you have on the table.
  • Demonstrating your value will show the investor this is the right solution for them.
  • Usage of simple and clear language is essential to avoid miscommunication. Emphasis must be made on grammar and spelling.
  • Visual aids such as statistics, diagrams, flowcharts, and images can be interesting to the client. It makes the tender stand out, and the responses can be higher.


Let us explore how lawyers in Perth can help! The bid writers can take care of the whole drafting for you. They will ask for data and other details and keep track of the entire thing. Monthly programs are available to ensure that your business has no issues with the process. Lawyers will guide and provide access to senior bidding professionals.

The property lawyers in Perth WA, can assess previously filed documents and responses. Advocates can work with you hand in hand to improve future submissions. In this way, you can avoid legal pitfalls quite easily while preparing property tenders.

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