7 Reasons To Hire A Building Contract Lawyer In Perth To Resolve Building Disputes?

August 18, 2022    propertylawyersperthwide
7 Reasons To Hire A Building Contract Lawyer In Perth To Resolve Building Disputes?

A building contract is a type of contract that is linked with a building contract project. These contracts are usually provisions that relate to materials and labor needed to finish a construction project. The difficulty, nature, and extent of such contracts entered into by different parties depends on the construction project.

They are wrongly binding agreements that help to form rights and obligations for all the parties involved. A building contract solicitor can help to ensure that all parties linked with the project understand their obligations and rights. In this guide, you will know various reasons for hiring a building contract lawyer.

What Are The Types of Building Contracts?

A building contract is needed for a small construction job on a residential building if the cost of the work amounts to $5000 to $20000. The types of building contracts are as follows:


Cost And Contract

This type of contract lets the contractor acquire the price for finishing the work. This helps a contractor to recover subcontractors, prices, and wages linked with materials used, and this can help in some profit. This contract can benefit you if you are not aware of the value of the building project.

Fixed Price/Payment Contract

This discusses the constant variation of the contract. It helps to define the value of the work and building works that need to be done. This assists parties in agreeing on a fast price.

How Can A Building Contract Lawyer Help You?

There are often a number of disputes that are caused in construction projects due to inefficient contract drafting. It is essential to hire a lawyer and discuss with them before drafting a contract to remove any sort of risks. There are many forms that are made by the Construction Industry Association and the Australian Standard.

The top property lawyers in Perth are knowledgeable about common forms and can provide you with proper recommendations and amendments. There are many common problems that a lawyer can help you with if there are problems in a construction project.

Benefits Of Hiring A Building Dispute Lawyer

Some of the ways by which a building dispute lawyer can help you are as follows:

Your Building Project Is Delayed 

When a construction project falls behind, it can end up costing you more money than you did not plan on spending. This can be your case as a business owner, but the same thing can happen to those who own residential properties. You may lose months of rent if your construction is yet to be completed.

There are multiple reasons why a building project may not be going as per its scheduled time. Some of them are:

  1. Construction materials might have been exhausted for the builders.
  2. The finish date might have been improperly calculated.
  3. The construction team might be quite busy and cannot be further booked.
  4. The deadlines in your building contract have not stipulated an end date for distraction.

In all these cases, you might be able to opt for legal action and seek compensation for delays in work that can cost you more money. With the help of a lawyer, you will receive certain advice that can help you save money from taking any sort of legal action.

Quality Of Build And Disputes On The Scope 

It is not rare for a completed construction project to end up being lesser than what was said in the building contract. This may put you in quite an unfavorable position where you may need to explain that the quality of the bind is not up to scratch. At times, it is because high-quality materials are not used, or sometimes, it is because the wrong color paints were used.


Sometimes, in worse situations, there might be some rooms that have not been built to the scale as promised in the contract. Some examples of this can include crowded bathrooms or toilets where there is less space for the door to swing open. Such results indicate to a homeowner that the house is not built with the quality that was assured in the building contract.


When you hire a building dispute solicitor, they can help review your contract and inform you if you have the right to challenge building results. Such lawyers are well aware that the Home Building Act, 1989 covers the responsibilities of a builder for a building contract. They can also explore other legal options and help you throughout the litigation process if you require it.

Evacuation Of Building Works 

Sometimes there can be arguments that can lead to the complete abandonment of a building project. As there are no scopes of the resolution, such matters are only settled in court. A lawyer can help to decide what is responsible for the evacuation or delay of the building project.


They will also be responsible for covering any extra costs if there are. In such cases, a building dispute lawyer can represent the contractor or the homeowner. They can take a look at the problem and help you throughout the proceedings if you want to claim damages.

Contract Reviews 

A building contract lawyer can help to review your building contract. Additions and changes can be implemented any time before the language communication of the agreements. Discussing with the opposite side may be needed to make sure that all the important changes are made.


Some of these modifications may also include ordering in-progress payments, building schedule management, liquidated damages, and approval of variations on a temporary basis. Lawyers can also provide you with a warning if any improper clauses in the contract can lead to problems and additional costs in the future.

Recommendation Of The Administration 

After the building contract has been written, amended, unified and decided by all parties, they need to administer it. There may be problems due to delays, time extensions, variances, payment claims, director issues, insurance disputes, etc. A lawyer can help to advise you on any of these matters.

Dispute Resolution 

Disputes are normal in building trade and can also include disputes about delays, variances, bad construction work, payments, and much more. You can contact building contract lawyers in Perth to resolve any type of disputes that may occur during a construction project and do not require costly legal proceedings.


There are multiple ways by which problems can be resolved, and most lawyers look to find the most sensible and best solutions to these disputes. They can advise you and help in various dispute resolution, including mediation, conciliation, arbitration, negotiation, and conciliation.


Most building dispute lawyers are capable of settling most of the disputes via negotiation, which can help to save your legal fees. There are multiple avenues for finding a solution to disputes outside the court, and each of them has its own complexities.


Each of these solutions needs to be undertaken with the help of an experienced lawyer to avoid risks and ensure an efficient process. This can improve the chances of success, and some approaches such as informal agreement and third-party mediation can help.


Good Understanding Of Technical Jargon 

Any kind of construction claim is filled with technical jargon, and this is especially if written by lawyers. There are some lawyers who prefer to form the documents in a language that the lawyer of the opposite party can understand.


But for normal people, digging through the jargon can be difficult. If you do not understand the claim properly, it can cost you both time and money. By hiring a building contract lawyer, you can have a proper understanding of the claim made.

Important Things To Look For In Building Contract Lawyers 

If you are looking to hire a building contract lawyer to help make a claim on your construction project, you need to look for the following things:

Knowledge And Education 

When you are going to hire a lawyer, it is important that you ensure that the individual is not only qualified and famous but also has industry knowledge about your region and sector. This indicates that a lawyer needs to know about the area of construction and also know about the specific laws for that field. It will benefit you if the lawyer has a degree from a local school.

Construction Experience

As the requirements and laws surrounding the construction projects can be tough to understand, you need to make sure that the hired lawyer has good experience in this field and the court system. A successful track record indicates that the lawyer has a good reputation and knows everything about the construction industry.


Though it may be cost-effective for you to hire inexperienced construction lawyers, a lack of experience can sometimes lead to certain risks for your construction project. Lawyers who have more experience will know how to do their job effectively.

Associate With Building Contract Lawyers Perth

If you are in the middle of a construction project and feel that you have been cheated or fallen victim to negligence, you can contact Building Contract lawyers Perth. They can provide you with the best lawyers to help you make successful claims in the construction project and help you get justice.

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