Property Lawyers VS Conveyancers: What’s the Difference?

April 11, 2023    propertylawyersperthwide
Property Lawyers VS Conveyancers: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to purchasing or selling a property in Perth, it’s important to engage professional help at the end of a settlement. This method is popularly known as conveyancing and is regarded as essential to ensuring Title transfer.


You should note that conveyancing is a complicated method. And when it comes to enlisting professional help, you will have two choices – property conveyancers and property lawyers.


While both of them are qualified to act in a conveyancing transaction, most people need clarification on the two. So, what’s the difference between them?


The primary difference is that a conveyancer specialises only in the process of conveyancing. He basically deals with the transfer of ownership of property between parties. On the other hand, a property lawyer deals with a broader range of legal services that are usually provided in addition to conveyancing and property law.


As both professionals tend to offer almost the same service for property transactions, it’s quite difficult to make appropriate distinctions. This article will give you informative insights by breaking down the differences between property lawyers and conveyancers. Please keep reading until the end to know more and learn when is the correct time to hire them.

What is the Work of a Property Lawyer?

While purchasing or selling a property, you can enlist one of the best property lawyers Perth to conduct conveyancing responsibilities. As property lawyers are usually multi-disciplinary, it is very unlikely that they will work as a conveyancer only.


The licensed conveyancers can prepare the paperwork legally and manage the settlement process. Besides, they can also represent you while you negotiate with other parties like a buyer/seller, finance provider, Local Council, etc. But a property lawyer has the potential to proceed one step further and provide legal advice during the course of settlement.

What is the Work of a Conveyancer?

Conveyance Solicitors receive special training for property settlement. That’s why they are better known as settlement agents. In order to become a licensed property conveyancer in Western Australia, individuals require a Diploma in Conveyancing. They also need to possess a triennial certificate granted by Consumer Protection.


You should remember that the educational requirements and process to become a successful conveyancer are quite thorough and rigorous.


Here, we have made a detailed list of responsibilities and advantages of a conveyancer lawyer in the purchase of property:

  • They help in identity verification demanded by Landgate.
  • Ensures whether your finance provider is equipped to provide the settlement funds.
  • Helps in drafting and lodging settlement documents for changing the ownership details.
  • Notifying immediately whenever any significant problem arises.
  • Conducting title enquiries to check for any computing claims, encumbrances, third-party interests, etc.
  • Ensuring that all inspections are completed within time, and all special conditions or contractual clauses are met.
  • Carefully calculating all the outstanding rates only to ensure they’re correctly paid during settlement.
  • Arranging and attending settlement meetings on your behalf.

When Should You Hire a Conveyancer?

If you are busy searching for the ‘best conveyancers near me,’ then you should pause for a while. Most of us think that we need a property conveyancer when it comes to purchasing or selling a property. But that’s not the case for real.


You can consider hiring a conveyancer for the following services:

  • Changing title of partnership, trust ownership, company ownership, etc.
  • Making settlement of commercial properties
  • Helping with private mortgages
  • Providing aid in subdivisions and developments
  • Making transfer of property separation
  • Transferring the title of a deceased estate
  • Processing probate applications
  • Making Will’s advice, etc.

Whenever you commence with the purchasing or selling procedure of a property, you should always seek the services of a professional. A conveyancer can seamlessly perform research and enquiries before you get too far.


But for now, let’s consider residential settlements. You should ask for services of a professional, trusted property conveyancer in the buying and selling process. A conveyancer will help you with extensive research before you progress a lot far.

Is it Possible for a Conveyancer to Become a Lawyer?

Yes, a conveyancer stands a chance to become a lawyer. In fact, property leasing lawyers can seamlessly operate as a conveyancer. Confusing, isn’t it? Well, we can give you proper explanations.

  • Property Lawyers have the potential to practise in more than one area of law. Based on this a property lawyer can assist in various issues. Besides, they can also work as a conveyancer without any practical experience.
  • Property Conveyancers might hold law degrees, but they solely specialise in conveyancing. Hence, they call themselves conveyancers or settlement agents instead of a lawyer.

Even though a conveyancer is not a practising lawyer, they can efficiently help you wind up settlements in court.

Lawyer or Conveyancer – Whom Should I Hire?

Here, we have listed a few points that will help you determine who you can hire for your conveyancing transaction:

  • Legal Issues

If any complex legal issues arise in your conveyancing matters, a property lawyer can provide you with legal guidance and advice.

  • Specialist Advice

Lawyers have the potential to practise across several areas of law and are not just limited to property law and conveyancing. A property lawyer can seamlessly assist you if your conveyancing transaction involves other legal matters.

  • Legalisation

While laws are constantly changing, hiring a lawyer with updated knowledge and a better understanding of property laws is more beneficial.

  • Protection

Lawyers must take out insurance in the event they are negligent. And this is undoubtedly beneficial because if they make mistakes in conveyancing transactions, you might be protected with their insurance coverage.

To Conclude

The needs of every individual are quite different while completing a property transaction. If you are still determining which fits your needs best, you should consider your budget first. You should also consider the size and complexity of the transaction and determine whether you require any representation or not.


You can always hire a conveyancer if you need to alter your document titles or purchase or sell a property. And if there are issues in your contract, you need to seek professional legal advice.

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