Know What Is The Longest Time An Eviction Remains On Your Record?

January 6, 2023    propertylawyersperthwide
Know What Is The Longest Time An Eviction Remains On Your Record?

An eviction usually does not come up on your credit report, but there are collection accounts that might stay on your credit report for around seven years from the primary delinquency date. The delinquency date is the date of the first late payment that leads to the collection status.


Many tenants are served an eviction Notice, before being evicted. If you have acquired the latest copy of your credit card report and the collection account is not showing up, it might’ve been removed due to its age. But this will not necessarily indicate that the eviction is still there on your rental history report. In this blog, you will learn more about evictions staying on your record.

Evicting Tenants from Properties

To evict an Australian tenant, it is essential to establish the grounds. One of the common causes for eviction is the tenant breaching the tenancy agreement. A breach of agreement may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Being consistently late with your payments
  • Being unable to pay the rent
  • Damage caused to the rental property
  • Being troublesome to the neighbours
  • Using the property illegally and many more.

When a landlord has other lawful eviction reasons to recover the premise, it will help make eviction possible in some states. But there often arise specific circumstances where a tenant will be able to appeal against the eviction.

What Are the General Principles Regarding the Eviction Process?

Before you learn more about the tenant eviction notice or are issued one, there are some general principles regarding the eviction process. These processes are considered standard, and they are as follows:

  • A written notice must be left must be provided for an important reason
  • The prescribed procedures and time frame must be strictly followed
  • The appropriate forms and documentation must be used
  • It is essential to keep the writing records of everything import
  • You must proceed to the relevant governing body when needed if the tenant does not answer the request to value.

The rules will often differ from state to state in Australia and must be followed as per the letter. If not, the eviction process may not be as effective and may even remain void.

Can You Find an Eviction on Your Credit Report?

While the positive rental payment history might be included in your credit report, your report may not show any information regarding eviction. You can only find eviction records in another rental history report; you can acquire them via a tenant screening firm.


After your eviction, if you find that you have unpaid debts like an unpaid fee or rent, your leasing firm or landlord might have sold that debt to a collection agency. If the collection agency buys the debt reports, the account will appear on your credit report as a collection amount.

How Long Does the Eviction Stay on Your Record?

An eviction report usually remains as a part of your rental history for at least seven years. If you desire to apply for a lease, you can ask the specific leasing company or landlord to inform you about the name of the tenant screening company that they use. You can contact the company before time to know if the eviction is still appearing.

Will You Be Able to Dispute an Eviction?

If you have eviction listed on the tenant screening report that you feel is untrue, you can directly contact the tenant screening agency to resolve further issues. In terms of eviction, there is also a court-order eviction process. If you desire, you can check if there are collection accounts for any eviction-related debt that appears on your credit report.

How Do You Avoid an Eviction?

If you believe you’ll not be able to provide your rent payment, you can contact your landlord or leasing officer as quickly as possible. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many eviction relief options available. The Department of Housing and Urban Development also provided information regarding eviction legislation, protections, options for help, and tips for talking with the landlord.


If you want, you can also take advantage of other options for financial help that are offered; one of them is payment accommodation offered by some lenders. This can also help to free up resources that may instead put forward rent payments.


Before you know more about the eviction notice law, you must know that if you are facing financial difficulty or have suffered credit difficulties in the past, you can get back on track by reviewing the credit reports regularly.

Reasons You Might Be Listed on the Database

Some of the reasons you might be listed on the database are as follows:

A. The landlord is consistently receiving your rent late

Rent payments are those that help cover the different mortgages permitted by Australian laws for most property owners. When you are unable to pay your rent, your property owner may lose income and cover the payments with their own money.


By paying your rent a day or two days later, you will not earn a spot on the NTD if it is often. But if you consistently pay rent late, you must be aware of what can happen. If you have many months of lease that you owe to the landlord, you must take action to avoid a listing.

B. You have damaged property

Though you will not be held accountable for any kind of wear and tear that occurs with time, you will be responsible for any damage you have caused. If the damage is caused due to recklessness or any form of negligence, your landlord is not going to be happy.

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