Know How Retail Shop Leases Differ From Commercial Leases

August 8, 2023    propertylawyersperthwide
Know How Retail Shop Leases Differ From Commercial Leases

When leasing commercial spaces, it’s essential to understand the different types of leases available and how they can vary in legal requirements and provisions. This blog will explore the key factors differentiating these two agreement types. Moreover, leasing lawyers in Perth can assist you in understanding the differences to help you navigate the leasing landscape more effectively.

1. Understanding Retail Shop Leases

Retail shop leases are specific leases that pertain to premises used for conducting retail businesses, such as boutiques or food outlets. These leases are governed by the Retail Shop Leases Act, designed to regulate landlords’ and tenants’ rights and obligations in retail shop lease agreements.

  Legal Requirements

The Retail Shop Leases Act sets out various legal requirements that both landlords and tenants must adhere to. These requirements include disclosure statements, rent and outgoings provisions, and certain lease renewals and terminations conditions. Both parties must understand their rights and obligations under this legislation to ensure a fair and harmonious lease agreement.


Suppose you require assistance with navigating the legal requirements of a retail shop lease. Consulting a retail shop act consultant or leasing lawyer specialising in retail shop leases is advisable.


They can provide valuable guidance and expertise to ensure compliance with the Retail Shop Leases Act and help you navigate the complexities of leasing a retail space.

2. Retail Shop Leases Act Lawyers

Given the complex nature of retail shop leases and their legal framework, engaging the services of leasing lawyers specialising in retail shop leases is highly recommended. A Retail Shop Leases Act lawyer can provide valuable guidance throughout the leasing process, from reviewing and negotiating lease terms to resolving disputes.

3. Exploring Commercial Leases

  • Diverse Applications

Unlike retail shop leases, commercial leases encompass a broader range of properties and businesses. These leases, such as warehouses, are typically used for non-retail purposes. Commercial lease clauses vary widely based on the business and the requirements of both parties.

  • Flexibility in Negotiations

One significant advantage of commercial leases is their flexibility in terms of negotiation. Unlike retail shop leases, which are subject to specific legislative requirements, commercial leases allow both parties more freedom to negotiate lease terms, including rent, lease duration, maintenance responsibilities, and renewal options. A lease can be adjusted to fulfil the requirements of both parties due to its flexibility.

4. Key Differences

  • Legal Framework

Retail shop leases are governed by the Retail Shop Leases Act, which provides statutory protections and regulations. However, this particular statute does not apply to commercial leases. Instead, They are governed by standard leasing legislation, such as Western Australia’s Tenancy Agreements Act 1985, which explains landlords’ and tenants’ fundamental rights and obligations.

  • Disclosure Requirements

One critical distinction between retail shop leases and commercial leases is the disclosure requirements. The Retail Shop Leases Act mandates that landlords provide comprehensive disclosure statements to tenants outlining various details about the lease and the premises. Commercial leases, however, may have more flexible disclosure requirements, with parties having greater freedom to negotiate and determine the extent of information to be disclosed.

  • Rent Calculation Methods

Another difference between retail shop leases and commercial leases is the calculation of rent. Retail shop leases often involve the payment of a base rent plus a percentage of the tenant’s turnover or sales. This arrangement is commonly referred to as a turnover rent.


In contrast, commercial leases typically involve a fixed rent amount or a rent based on the square footage of the leased premises. The choice of rent calculation method depends on the nature of the business and industry norms.

  • Lease Duration and Renewals

Retail shop leases often have specific provisions regarding lease duration and renewal options. The Retail Shop Leases Act may allow tenants to renew their lease further, subject to certain conditions. On the other hand, commercial leases offer more flexibility in lease duration and renewal options, with negotiations between landlords and tenants determining the terms.

  • Maintenance and Repairs

Another aspect where retail shop leases and commercial leases differ is the responsibility for maintenance and repairs. In retail shop leases, landlords are often responsible for maintaining the common areas of the shopping complex or building, while tenants are responsible for maintaining their individual leased premises. Conversely, commercial leases could provide that renters are responsible for all maintenance and repairs.

  • Specific Use Restrictions

Retail shop leases often include specific use restrictions that dictate the type of business activities allowed within the leased premises. These restrictions aim to maintain the integrity and compatibility of the overall retail environment. Commercial leases give renters more freedom to use the space, enabling a wider variety of enterprises or activities.

  • Rent Review Mechanisms

Rent review mechanisms can differ between retail shop leases and commercial leases. In retail shop leases, specific provisions may outline how and when rent can be reviewed during the lease term. These provisions often consider factors such as changes in the consumer price index or market conditions. On the other hand, commercial leases may have more varied and flexible rent review mechanisms, with options such as fixed percentage increases or market-based rent reviews.

  • Dispute Resolution

The procedures for resolving a disagreement between landlords and tenants can differ. Retail shop leases may have specific dispute resolution mechanisms, such as mediation or arbitration, outlined in the Retail Shop Leases Act. On the other hand, commercial leases may follow general dispute resolution procedures, which can involve negotiation, alternative dispute resolution methods, or resorting to legal action.

End Note

In conclusion, it is important to recognise the distinctions between retail shop leases and commercial leases when leasing commercial spaces. Retail shop leases are specific leases governed by the Retail Shop Leases Act, designed to regulate landlords’ and tenants’ rights and obligations in retail shop lease agreements. Engaging the services of property lawyers in Perth specialising in retail shop leases is recommended due to the complex nature of these agreements.


Contrary to that, commercial leases offer greater negotiating flexibility and cover a wider range of properties and enterprises, enabling both parties to customise the lease terms to their particular requirements. Understanding the differences mentioned above can greatly assist businesses, property investors, and individuals in navigating the leasing landscape effectively.

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