How to Write a Will – 5 Reasons to Hire an Wills and Estate Lawyers

July 20, 2023    propertylawyersperthwide
How to Write a Will – 5 Reasons to Hire an Wills and Estate Lawyers

Writing a will is extremely crucial. It will enable the family members or the beneficiaries to stay financially strong after the will owner meets his/her demise. The best property lawyers Perth have provided evidence that around 50% of Australians pass away without having a proper will.


When a person doesn’t have a will, it is up to the Australian Court to decide how they will distribute the assets and other things of the deceased individual.


So, when it comes to writing a will, one must call in reliable property lawyers to offer them their assistance. The lawyers have extensive knowledge of such matters and will make sure that their clients receive the share they deserve.

Why Hire the Estates and Property Lawyers?

Having a reliable and trusted estate and property lawyer can make things easier for people who want to create a will. But why hire lawyers? Let’s find out what these reasons are:

1. Will Make Sure the Will Obeys to the Legal Needs

The Wills and estate planning lawyers Perth are well aware that people can research on the internet about the legal needs of the “Wills”. But individuals cannot be that certain about the things that write down in a Will follows the legal needs or not.


But these lawyers have the power to clarify what a person wants to do with their assets is allowed by the Australian Law.


For instance: Let’s say one signed a Will in front of the witnesses, but the witnesses were busy doing something else on their phone at the time he/she was assigning a Will. So, does this mean that this meets all the legal requirements? How will one know whether or not it did?


That’s why one needs the help of a lawyer who will make sure that Will, the contents present in it and the manner it’s executed conform to all the legal needs. This will prevent the loved ones from experiencing any unwanted stress.

2. They Can Offer Advice to Lessen the Risk of Challenges to the Will

People who are close to a person are the ones who contest for a Will when they believe that the distribution of the properties in the Will is unfair towards them. One might think that these people don’t have any legal grounds to contest the Will.


For that, one might have these questions:

  • If he/she has divorced many times, will they leave something in the Will for their ex-spouse? What if one has many partners? Is he/she planning to leave something for them too?
  • Is it possible for something to say that the heir that challenges the Will can forfeit their share?


The estate solicitor believes that a person’s past relationships with their partners and wives/husbands play a massive part. It will help determine whether or not he/she will be vulnerable to this specific challenge.


One can speak to the property lawyers to gain more information on this matter. They will also offer estate legal advice that will help individuals greatly when creating a Will.

3. Property Lawyers Will Make Sure the Will is Complete

Property dispute lawyers Perth can help their clients make decisions on property dispositions, which will become legally enforceable even if there is a challenge to the Will. The lawyers will make sure that the Will is loophole-free and tight. They will also answer the following questions:

  • When one has forgotten to add someone in the Will but wants to leave something behind for them, is it possible to include them as the “legal heir” in the Will?
  • Does he/she have to provide equal shares to all the heirs so they don’t challenge the Will?
  • Is it possible to exclude a person/child from the Will who has accused him/her of neglect or abuse?
  • Can the asset owner exclude their stepchildren from the Will?
  • When the asset owner has minor children, do they need to offer their guardianship? Is it possible to entrust the executor with legal custody of the minor children?
  • Can the asset owner provide an inheritance to the children if they qualify for admission to a University or if they get married first?
  • Do one need to make provision for his/her funeral arrangements and keep aside a specific property to utilise to help defray all the expenses of the funeral?
  • Is it possible to donate his/her organs?

4. Property Lawyers Can List Down All the Properties in the Will

It’s not possible to include all the properties in a specific Will. To understand this properly, here is a small illustration:


When a person is a co-owner of a property, he/she cannot dispose of the whole property because there are two people who own the same property.


So, is it possible for one owner to dispose of his/her share? Can one include half of their property in their Will?


Well, all these things will depend heavily on many aspects and due to such reasons, one must speak with a property lawyer”.


The lawyers can also help their clients if he/she is a beneficiary of a Trust. They will tell him/her whether or not they can include the right to obtain the profits of the Trust as a part of the properties that one can dispose of in the Will.


An experienced and skilled Property lawyer Perth WA will provide him/her effective advice on what one must include in the list of properties. They are experts in answering even complex questions because they are intimate with all the information of other transactions.

5. Property Lawyers Can Ensure That the Will is Valid

The main reason to call in a property lawyer to draw up a Will is to make sure that it’s completely valid. They can easily prove that their client was of sound mind when the Will was made.


The testators might be of sound mind when they determine how exactly their properties will get divided upon their death. They will also know who the heirs are, the type of relationship they have with the heirs, and why the testator included them in the Will.


They also know about the properties they have, where exactly each of these properties is located, how much his/her own and how they want the properties to get divided. The property lawyers will help their clients to correctly phrase and word their Will.


That way, they can show that they possessed a sound mind when they executed the Will. The property lawyers will offer their assistance during the creation of the Will.


The lawyers will also tell him/her how the Will’s validity gets affected if they fall sick after executing the Will. It’s guaranteed that following the advice and suggestions of a lawyer can help an individual greatly when executing a Will.

Final Thoughts

Having a Will can easily reduce all the disputes and tension between the heirs after the asset owner passes away. He/she can easily mention all the things that they wish to include in their Will.


Also, making a will plan will prevent the family members of the property owner from facing any financial hardship after his death. To gain more knowledge about creating a Will, he/she must speak with the lawyers from Tang Law.


These property lawyers are experts in handling such cases, and they will certainly offer their guidance and help on such matters. They have helped many individuals with Will-related matters and will do the same for other people who wish to create a Will.

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