How Much it Cost to Make a Will with Lawyers Charge?

October 17, 2022    propertylawyersperthwide
How Much it Cost to Make a Will with Lawyers Charge?

Many Australians do not like to make a will with the help of a lawyer due to how complex it can be in the end. Sometimes, people think that they have a lot of time to make a will and plan how their property will be used or to whom it will be given once they pass away.


The cost of making a will with the help of wills and estate Planning lawyers in Perth can differ. The cost of making a will with a lawyer can be reduced when there are fixed fees. In this blog, you will learn why you need to make a will with a lawyer’s help and the costs involved.

Why Should You Have a Will?

A will and testament is a type of document that has more than only naming the beneficiaries and transferring valuable assets. Due to this, the cost of making a will with a lawyer can vary, and many factors can affect the price of a will:

  • Whether you are separated, divorced, or have children from former relationships. This indicates if you have a blended family.
  • If you have disadvantaged children who need your attention
  • If you own or work for a company
  • If you have a Superannuation Proceeds Trust or Testamentary Trust in your house
  • If you have specific charitable gifts in mind
  • The size and amount of assessment you have
  • The number of recipients.

You must address these matters properly and under the best legal advice. When drafting is not proper, and witnesses are absent, a will can be invalidated. In such a case, a will can be contested or challenged. It is important to draft these types of legal documents.


If you pass away without having a will or died ‘intestate’, this indicates there are established processes related to how your inheritance can be allocated. This indicates that you will have no role in this issue. It is also possible that your property will not be handled the way you wanted.

What Are Things to Consider in Making a Will with a Lawyer?

The best lawyers for wills can easily handle the process of estate administration of the individual who passed away. The estate planning lawyer can advise their client on different ways to manage the estate. This can easily be accomplished by helping clients with the cost of making a will with a lawyer.

1. Case length

The cost of making a will with a lawyer can differ based on your living state. But when it comes to executing a will, things can get complex, and the more a will is contested, the more time it will take. The price will also rise for everyone in this case.

2. Experience and skills of the lawyer

Skills and experience play an important role in making a will with a lawyer. A lawyer who is new and is working by themselves will charge less money. But a lawyer with years of experience working with large businesses will cost you more. You can visit a law firm to consult with top lawyers on the cost of making a will and how they can help.

3. The complexity of the case

The expense of making the will may increase when the case becomes more complicated. If your assets have stock, intangible assets like mortgages, the situation will seem to be more difficult.


Though the fees may remain the same, the cost of making the will with the lawyer can enhance the time of ending the case. As per the circumstances, your lawyer may charge you more to execute the will.

What Are the Risks Associated with DIY Will Kits?

You may want to save money by using a cheap or free DIY will kit. You can acquire such will kits from the internet or the post office, but they may not be legally binding. This can cause more problems if you want to draft the will by yourself.

Some risks are as follows:

– Taxation

Before opting for will and estate planning, in Australia, you need to keep in mind that there are hidden costs in DIY will kits. A will may result in higher tax responsibilities if they are not drafted properly. When a will is drafted poorly, it can lead to a beneficiary acquiring more property than others though they seem to receive equal amounts under the will.

– Tax on the Superannuation Death Benefit

Tax might be due if Superannuation entitlement passes to specific beneficiaries. This cannot be the case if they pass it to the other beneficiaries. For instance, if a deceased individual left Superannuation benefits to their adult children, the tax will be due on the rest of the superannuation benefits.


The tax would not be due if identical superannuation entitlements were gifted to the partner. You can check for various information on the internet to know more about this.

What Are the Other Risks Associated with DIY Will Kits?

Some of the other risks associated with DIY will kits are as follows:

– Improper or unclear wording

When a will is poorly drafted, it can have one or more meanings. For instance, “I will offer my estate to John, Mary, and Charlie to share”. A person might believe that all three children will receive equal shares, and another person may think that the property is divided into two halves.

– No legal knowledge

This is another reason why you need to opt for wills and estate planning lawyers in Perth to create your will. The succession act will have many sections that will decide how a will operates. Your wishes may not be fulfilled or carried out if you are unaware of these laws, and the impact of divorce or marriage on a will is an example.

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