How Do You Protect Your IP License Rights? How Long Does A License Last?

June 6, 2023    propertylawyersperthwide
How Do You Protect Your IP License Rights? How Long Does A License Last?

Intellectual Property or IP is a crucial asset for your company. Your process of licensing agreement lawyers is frequently the top source to assist you in protecting and managing your rights, as we all know that Intellectual property is a complicated region of law.


You can make your licensing contract when you have a grip on your intellectual property right. It would help if you looked for property lawyers, as these legal professionals will let you know all the pertinent information and licensing agreements.


You can integrate IP protection into your business strategy and integrate IP with your business’ competitive strengths by developing a strategy. You can protect valuable assets and safeguard your business’ products with an IP strategy.

How to protect your IP in Australia

In Australia, protecting intellectual property begins by running a background check. You need to ensure that your work isn’t similar to someone else’s existing IP rights.


If you need protection of this kind, it’s important to know the work of an intellectual property lawyer and talk to them – like this; you can be sure that everything you create is yours alone.

Different Types of Protection of Intellectual Property Rights


If you are a writer, musician, visual artist, or graphics expert, your original creation and creativity would be protected by copyrights.


It can also protect both the broadcasts and databases. The creation of work and when it is mentioned in the copyright notice if you are an owner. With the help of copyright, individuals will get the chance to change, perform, utilize, and even license their owner. When you are engaged in a specific type of work or service, your rights to specific works can change.

Trade Marks

Trade marks allow you to protect your unique brand of goods and services from other competitors and traders. Numbers, phrases, words, shapes, pictures, etc can also be a trademark. Having a trademark, you have the rights of license, rights to use or sell your trademark commercially. If someone copies your branding or has similar branding, you can definitely enforce these legal rights.


An unregistered trademark has some legal protection, such as the areas of:

  • Misleading and deceptive conduct; and
  • Passing off.


This is known as an exclusive license to sell, utilize, and make all kinds of inventions, processes, substances, devices, or methods that are practical, inventive, and even new. People who wish to keep their businesses safe must make sure that other organizations are not selling, utilizing, or creating the same kind of substance, process, or device.


There are two main types of patent applications in Australia. These are the following:

  • Standard Patent Application: It contains the “ Inventive” method
  • Innovation Patent Application: It contains the “Innovative” method.

Confidential Information

‘Confidential information’ consists of customer information, financial data, development and research data, potential new services and products, trade secrets, technical inventions, inventions, and patents.


In the context of employment, confidential information can also include personal information. Most businesses have a privacy policy, and employment contracts contain clauses specifying the disclosure or usage of certain confidential Information.


Now let’s discuss the duration and revocability of Intellectual Property.

Duration and revocability

Generally, the duration of a license will be for a specified period, such as the duration of the IP right. Otherwise, in perpetuity, a license can be granted. It means the arrangement will continue indefinitely unless the agreement is terminated, following the terms set out or due to other circumstances.


Revocability terms can set similar limitations. The licensor has the right to withhold the licensee’s permission to utilize the IP during the terms of the agreement, and it can be terminated if the licensor finds it necessary to do so.


A license is revocable only if parties agree. Apart from that, an irrevocable license can stop the licensor from doing so. When the party fails to act following the terms of the agreement the agreement will get terminated.

Determine Which Type Of IP Protection Suits You Best

You need to determine what type of protection is appropriately suitable for your Intellectual property needs.


As mentioned earlier, you can protect your intellectual property in Australia in several ways. However, knowing when each of these options would apply and the ways to register and obtain legal protection should be clarified.


When deciding to protect your IP, getting the right advice is critical. Talking to a solicitor for help in this area is a good idea. Securely registering your IP and preventing potential infringements is how you can ensure everything is done correctly.

Tips for Making Sure You Are Protected from Idea Theft

Protecting your ideas is a critical practice, no matter what industry you are working in. There are a few essential tips you can remember to help ensure that your intellectual property remains secure.

  • When you need to document, you must develop a unique idea and then think of registering the trademarks or the patents. But be sure that you get to complete all the paperwork by hiring an expert.
  • Second, If your ideas are confidential, create non-disclosure agreements for anyone you share them with.
  • Finally, those who can access the information ensure any contracts or other materials to track and remain secure.
  • Protection of your intellectual property should be much easier with these tips in mind.

Final Thoughts

Your business is expanding, which can increase risk sharing, monetary gain, and also the brand exposure. By taking part in the IP licensing process, you can surely gain access to various commercial possibilities.


Much of the responsibilities are placed on the people to ensure that the license agreements are carefully drafted, as these arrangements are context-dependent. The parties must be fully aware of obligations, the extent of their duties, and rights to recourse must also be taken into consideration.


It is always better to seek assistance from the WA best property lawyer team who can guide you throughout the process. knowing about IP licensing rights and protecting them happens to be a crucial requisite.

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