How Can Landlord And Tenant Law Perth Help In Getting A Legal Solution?

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How Can Landlord And Tenant Law Perth Help In Getting A Legal Solution?

Do you own a house used for residential tenancy? Then, as a landlord, you have some responsibilities to take. In Australia, there are state-specific legislations which protect the rights of both the landlords and the tenants. Here are some points to note regarding responsibilities and rights a landlord in Australia generally has.

You Should Not Discriminate While Choosing A Tenant

If you show discrimination while choosing a tenant based on gender, age, race, religion or marital status, you will be made liable to pay damages or fines.

The Bond

There are some important features of a rental bond that you should always keep in mind.

  • Tenants generally pay their rental bonds at the start of their tenancy and these bonds are generally goodwill payments which are held by state government rental authorities. This is protective of the landlords’ rights against breach of contract by the tenants.
  • At the beginning, you should have a bond lodgement signed by both the parties and submitted to the state authority within proper time.
  • The worth of a rental bond is four week-payment. But, that also depends on the type of dwelling.
  • You can charge any damage to the property out of the bond. But that should be done when both the parties agree. Regarding damage of the property, there are certain things you have to know. First of all, you cannot charge in case of fare wear and tear like faded curtains. But missing utensils can be assessed as significant damage to the property which you can charge.

Again, if your property is left in a good condition after your tenant vacates it, both of you can sit and discuss regarding repayment of the bond. While claiming payment for damage, be very careful in handling the situation because you will be able to get the payment only if the two parties agree on the fact that, the damage was caused during the time of tenancy.

The Rent

Just like the bond, there are some standards for the rent also to follow.

  • You have the full right to request the rent to be paid on weekly, fortnightly or monthly b basis. When you will receive both the bond and rental payments, you have to provide detailed and signed receipts with dates, received amount, property address and rental duration mentioned on those.
  • While selecting tenants, you should check whether they have the capability of paying your desired rent and looking after your property as well.
  • As a landlord, you have the full right to expect your tenants to pay the rents within time.
  • If your tenant fails to pay the rent within time, they will be considered as arrears. If the arrears are not cleared for a certain number of days, you can send notice to the tenant asking to vacate.
  • Always consult with a property manager who can help with necessary paperwork.

Responsibilities Of A Landlord

As a landlord, you must take some responsibilities for the sake of your tenants.

  • You must provide the tenant with a State or Territory booklet that contains their rights.
  • You must ensure that your property is vacant and in safe and clean condition on the day your tenant shifts in.
  • The rooms must be in good living condition, with all the appliances working properly.
  • You must check all the locks and provide them with the keys to each lock.
  • It is your duty to pay all the premium, levies and taxes on the property.
  • When there is a need for an urgent repair, you must never be late and take quick action.
  • Last but not the least, even if you are a landlord you cannot visit your property anytime you want. This needs proper documentation and consultation with the tenant regarding time of appointment.

Landlord And Tenant Law In Western Australia

In Western Australia, the residential leases involve residential dwellings which are generally controlled by Residential Tenancy Act 1987 (WA). The act was made so that tenants can become aware and understand their rights correctly. If you are a tenant and have problems in understanding the act, you can contact a tenant lawyer. On the other hand, commercial leases are controlled by Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreement Act (WA) 1985. Retail lease arrangements between tenants and landlords are controlled by this act which also describes rights of landlords and tenants. For better understanding, you can consult with landlord and tenant lawyers.

Why To Choose A Property Lawyer For Legal Advice?

Skilled property lawyers who include property dispute lawyers, have vast experience in Landlord and Tenant Law Perth. They can help you in negotiating, drafting and lease agreement terms, implementation of different terms and conditions and giving legal advice in lease conflicts.

Ending Note

For hiring a property lawyer you can contact Property Lawyers Perth which has a good number of property lawyers. There are also other organizations which offer valuable assistance in legal procedure involving lease issues.

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