How Can A Security Interest Be Perfected Under The PPSA?

February 6, 2024    propertylawyersperthwide
How Can A Security Interest Be Perfected Under The PPSA?

The PPSA, also known as the Personal Property Securities Act, began its journey on 30th January 2012. Since then, it has drastically changed the way legislative administrations concerning security interests in Australia. Lawyers who are rehearsed with PBS Licensing Law in Perth can provide you with end-to-end insights about the act.


The PPSA has come up with a register to merge the rest of the registers for differing security interests concerning private property.


Basically, it ensures the safety of the third party and tackles the importance of competing interests. It often comes into play when a secured party or a lender takes an interest in the private property of a grantor or borrower as any obligation.

What You Need To Know About Security Interest

In the realm of PPSA, a security interest is explained to include an interest in private estate provided for by a transaction that, in detail, safeguards the payment or performance of an obligation. If we are to give you any examples of security interests, we can mention conditional sale agreements, mortgages, and other charges.


A security interest must be involved with a private property or estate. The grantor always grants it, and it is granted in the favor of the party who receives the benefit of the security interest. These are pretty much common knowledge amongst the parties. If you wish to understand security interests in-depth, you can always consult with a PBS licensing legal consultant in WA.

How You Can Protect Security Interest In PPSA

It pretty much goes without saying that a security interest is only perfected to its best degree when the secured party has taken every action to safeguard its security under PPSA. Under the PPSA, perfection can only be obtained by control, possession, registration, or for a brief moment by virtue of the PPSA. If the conversation is about security interests in IP, the primary form of perfection will happen by registering on the PPS register.


By securing the security interest to the perfection, a secured party:

  • Safeguards the privacy of a security interest against the third parties.
  • Protects the security interests by vesting in the grantor if the grantor becomes insolvent.


If one cannot perfect the security interest, it does not have any impact on the already agreed deal between the parties. However, failure to perfect a security interest may affect the priority of the security interest in a priority dispute.


When there is more than just one security interest in collateral, then the common rule under the PPSA suggests that the first secured party has to perfect the security interest in the collateral unless the other priority rules apply. Additionally, there are many alternatives to this general rule which can be discussed with seasoned Property Lawyers Perth.

How Can A Party Perfect The Security Interest?

Perfecting a security interest is vital as it grants the security party significant regulatory protections under the law. Generally, when the discussion is about enforcement, priority is given to the perfected security interests rather than the ones that are not perfected.

Here are the three ways a security interest can be perfected:

  • By getting authority over the private estate or property.
  • By registering in the PPSR
  • By obtaining the possession of personal property or estate.

When a security interest is perfected, you get benefits such as:

  • Your security interests will have more priority over the ones that are not perfected for the same property.
  • You will be allowed a priority interest enforceable against the third parties.
  • Even if the grantor becomes insolvent, your security interest will continue.

Wrapping Up

When we talk about the importance of PPSA, the scope of security interests is widened under Australian law. With a base knowledge of PPSA and how your security interest can be enhanced under it, the one other piece of your puzzle would be the assistance of the best property lawyers in WA.


You can associate with the top lawyers to seek legal assistance and comprehensive guidance. Security interests concerning private property is something highly crucial. Therefore, in case of any issues, make sure you associate with experienced lawyers having in-depth knowledge about the entire facets.

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