How Can A Licensed Lawyer Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights?

March 7, 2024    propertylawyersperthwide
How Can A Licensed Lawyer Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights?

Intellectual property is the foundation of all business endeavors and missions. Each business, profession, or service in an industry has unique claims and ideas that set it apart from its competition. Intellectual property forms this vital asset. That’s why strategically safeguarding your intellectual property’s integrity is crucial for any venture’s survival and growth.


The best licensing agreement lawyers in Perth are experienced in enforcing the legal rights that come with protecting intellectual property. This article explains the role of such lawyers in protecting your intellectual property.

Why should intellectual property be protected?

Intellectual property makes any business venture, creative endeavor, or business identifiable. These ideas, assets, and inventions facilitate the development of any profession or industry. In other words, intellectual property is the seed that finally germinates and grows into the full-fledged tree of brand identity and output.


For example, in the publishing industry, a book or a work of fiction is the intellectual property that the writer or the author rightfully owns. Similarly, in developing any cosmetic product for topical use, its formulation is the intellectual property that the manufacturing brand owns. In other cases, intellectual property can be a completely new invention.

How do lawyers enforce the protection of intellectual property?

Lawyers enforce intellectual property rights by identifying the category they fit and drawing up the necessary information to register them. Depending on the type of intellectual property, the process of enforcing them, and the type of protection they offer change. The licensing agreement that the lawyer must draw up also changes according to the type of protection.  Here are some of the most common types of enforcements for intellectual property:

  • Copyrights

This category protects creative works such as writings, music, artworks, visual or moving images, films, videos, etc. This can often include broadcasts, inventories, or databases. When your lawyer helps you register a particular intellectual property under copyrights, you are granted the sole authority to use and disseminate it. With copyrights, you, as the owner, are vested with the sole right to modify, distribute, and regulate how your creative work is used.

  • Trade Mark

This sign helps set your creation idea of IP apart from the rest. It is often the primary symbol through which your IP is identified. This can be a symbol, letters, words, acronyms, logos, colors, or even a phrase that helps identify your intellectual property.


A trademark cannot be replicated, and any attempts to do so are illegal. When your lawyer registers your trademark, your idea business or IP can be distinguished and protected from counterfeit or fake replications.

  • Invention patents

These are rights that concern new inventions, also known as deemed inventions. When an invention patent is enforced, it prevents others from stealing, replicating, or making profits from your deemed invention during the stage when it is yet to be fully conceived and ready to be disseminated in a particular market.

Australia has two main types of patents:

  • For inventive processes, it is the Standard Patent Application
  • For innovative processes, it is the innovative patent application

If you have a deemed invention on the way, it is advisable to contact the best licensing agreement lawyers in WA to discuss the most favorable way to enforce your patent.

  • Registered designs

Under this form of IP protection, a product’s appearance or design aspects are made unreplicable. This includes its patterns, shape, material, and overall design construction that makes it unique or sets it apart. This can include the construction or design of clothing items, the unique look of pieces of technology like phones and tablets, etc.

  • Plant breeder’s rights

This form of enforcement grants certain plant breeders exclusive rights to breed and plant certain varieties of plants. This essentially protects distinct, unique, and new varieties of plants. The breeders with this intellectual property right have the sole authority to decide how they want to populate or distribute the concerned plant varieties.


Consulting the best property lawyers in Perth can enable you to figure out the process of registering new plant species.

Summing up

The preservation of the rights to intellectual property is an indispensable part of protecting the integrity of ideas and their impact on the way various industries develop and grow. The best property lawyer in WA are well-equipped and adept in identifying and registering the various kinds of intellectual property.  You can contact the best lawyers for consultation today!

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