Disputes Relating To Building Services And Home Building Contracts In WA

April 10, 2024    propertylawyersperthwide
Disputes Relating To Building Services And Home Building Contracts In WA

Building construction is a complex job if not done according to legal obligations. It is time-consuming and requires the utmost effort to plan and complete the project.


Building services often face disputes for several reasons, including legal reasons and contract failure. Lack of clarity in home building contracts can also be the reason behind such conflicts, which can give rise to unwanted disagreements and miscommunication. This is why contracts must be as precise as possible with specific terms, names of materials, and timelines.


If you have faced any such disputes regarding building services, you must contact the building services legal counsel as soon as possible.

Possible Causes of Building Disputes

Building disputes can occur due to several reasons. While it is possible to come to an agreement with your builder, it is advised to look at the possible causes to understand better how to deal with it.


The experienced building commission law lawyers in Perth have dealt with all kinds of building disputes and will be able to guide you through the process.

  • Payment

Payment is a sensitive issue that must be cleared before starting a project. If there is an uncertainty on the mode or amount of payment, it can be one of the reasons behind a serious dispute. The client and the builder must ensure they hold a copy of the payment plan. After finishing the work, the builder must also send the client a claim for progress payment.


In this case, underpayment or late payment can cause a dispute on the client’s end. A conflict can also arise if the builder fails to finish the project or prove the work has been completed.


Contractors also work with different kinds of payment structures. Some accept fortnightly, weekly, or payment in bulk. In this case, untimely payments can cause an issue.

  • Timeline of the project

Though the timeline of the project can be variable, the estimated time given must be similar to the actual timeline. Decisions have to be made accordingly to avoid delays. Especially in the case of workers’ daily payments, a delay can cause a demand for extra fees.


If either party, the builder of the client, is responsible for the delay, necessary steps can be taken. The project can be terminated, or the builder can ask for extra compensation.


If a timeline difference causes further conflicts, the concerned party may contact the property dispute lawyers in Perth.

  • Design errors

There is a certain project description that the builder and the workers must adhere to. Discrepancies or errors in a planned design can be critical to all parties involved.


The scope of work contains the outline of all details required to be covered in the project, including the materials, design, and finishes. This plan must be documented clearly and carefully. The builder must be aware of the time constraints and budget and ensure the plan can be executed within the said time frame.


In any case of a design flaw, the contractor can claim the discrepancy or change in the plan designed earlier.

  • Miscommunication

Miscommunication between the builder and the client can arise due to ambiguity in the contract. Due to the need for clarity in contracts or planning, the client’s expectations can differ from what the builder has planned.


The customer may need to be made aware of the rules or scopes of the site. In that case, a dispute can poorly affect the builder. The client can feel entitled to make certain demands that the builders cannot adjust, which can also lead to a conflict.


You can make a legal claim if there are any disparities in the end product, change of timeline, amount or mode of payment, or design errors. Since many of the disputes arise from miscommunication and differences in expectations, it is better to come to an agreement on paper.


The contractor may contact the builder in a building dispute to avoid miscommunication. To resolve it legally, it is better to take the assistance of the best property lawyers in Perth.

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