Defining Restrictive Covenants – A Legal Guide

December 21, 2023    propertylawyersperthwide
Defining Restrictive Covenants – A Legal Guide

A restrictive covenant agreement is nothing but a contract between 2 landowners. The landowners guarantee that they will not perform several activities on their land. The covenant happens when you sell the land and restrict the buyer about what they can do with it. The vendors also agree with their use of land. The obligation is to match with the covenant irrespective of the situation.


In this blog, we have discussed the most crucial aspects about restrictive covenant and associated factors that you need to know.

Key elements and enforceability of restrictive covenants

Restrictive covenants are regarded as contractual agreements with several actions and behaviors specified. They are used in employment contracts, business agreements, and real estate transactions. The main elements of covenants are clear and specific language, valid business interests, and reasonable restrictions. Restrictive covenants must be as per the scope, duration, and geographic area.


Courts consider factors like the nature of the business, the employer’s role, and the harm to the employer and the business. Consider it crucial to contact best property lawyers Perth while drafting restrictive covenants. This makes sure that you have done everything as per the laws and regulations.

Understanding the purpose and types of restrictive covenants

Restrictive covenants are needed for legal agreements. They are considered to be clauses that have several limitations and restrictions for certain actions and behaviors. The covenants are used in contracts like employment agreements, real estate contracts, and business agreements. The main aim and objective is to protect the interests of the parties involved. This is in the form of setting proper and clear boundaries and avoiding certain harmful actions.


The different types of restrictive covenants are marked hereafter:

  • Non-compete agreements

The agreements are the best choice for employment contracts. They do not allow the employees from working and starting for a competing business in a specific geographic area. The agreements stop the employees from taking advantage of the skills, knowledge and contacts they have from previous jobs. Moreover they are not allowed to use them to fight with their former employer.

  • Non-disclosure agreements

These agreements are used for protecting confidential information. They restrict individuals and organizations from disclosing sensitive information without any form of proper access. The agreements are needed in industries where trade secrets, intellectual property and confidential business information are available. Parties make sure that the information is confidential and not disclosed to others when they sign a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Non-solicitation agreements

Non-solicitation agreements restrict individuals and businesses from getting clients, customers and employees from other sources. The agreements are an excellent option for business partnerships, sales agreements and employment contracts. They protect the existing relationships and avoid unfair competition by restricting parties from getting business and employees from other parties.

Common industries and scenarios where restrictive covenants are used

Restrictive covenants are used in different industries and scenarios. This helps us to protect the interests of the parties associated.

  • Hospitals must have doctors sign non-compete agreements to prevent them from leaving and setting up their own practice nearby. This guarantees patient retention and avoids competition.
  • The technology sector uses these agreements to protect their information and prevent employees from sharing business ideas with their competitors. The agreements are used to maintain a competitive advantage and protect the intellectual property.

Restrictive covenants are a common practice in the abovementioned industries.

Common misconceptions about restrictive covenants’

Many people have the wrong perception about restrictive covenants. Some of them are stated below:

  • Restrictive covenants are legal agreements which limit the usage of a property. The covenants are not any form of arbitrary rules which are stated by a single person.
  • You must know that the covenants are not forever. They are not permanent and can be changed and updated. You need to opt for a formal process to change it.
  • Restrictive covenants are meant for a purpose. They are put in place to protect the property values, maintain the aesthetic and boost the community.

The importance of seeking legal advice when dealing with restrictive covenants

You need to get legal advice for restrictive covenants. The legal agreements are available in contracts and restrictive covenants property law in Perth. They come up with several challenges for individuals and businesses. You need to make sure that you have the basic idea about the implications and consequences of the covenants.


The restrictive covenant agreement lawyer in Perth comes up with the needed experience and expertise to understand the language and scope of the covenants. Moreover they can easily identify the potential conflicts and loopholes. The experts offer guidance to overcome the situation smoothly and efficiently.


You must opt for legal advice to protect the rights and interests. The covenants will have a major impact on the chances to use and develop a property, operate the business and pursue different career opportunities. You can know about the enforceability and validity of the covenants and explore the solutions. Legal professionals can help in negotiating and drafting agreements which match with your goals and objectives.


Legal advice is needed to avoid costly legal disputes. Legal action will come up with the failure to match the restrictive covenants. The process will be time consuming and expensive. Moreover it can even damage and harm your reputation. You can address and solve the issues when you get legal guidance. It is important to take up several legal measures to reduce the risks. A Best Property Lawyer in WA is available at your service and offers strategic advice to solve the complexities of the covenants. This helps you make better decisions and reduce the chances of disputes.

Legal considerations and challenges surrounding restrictive covenants

Restrictive covenants are also called non-compete agreements. They are legal provisions which might affect the individual’s chances to compete with the former employer after they have left the company. The agreements are used to protect the business secrets, client relationships and confidential information of the business. They are used to present different legal considerations and challenges.


The enforceability of the covenants changes as per the jurisdiction. Courts come up with a cautious approach to evaluate the agreements which limit the individual’s chances for a healthy and prosperous living. The covenants must be reasonable as per the duration, geographic scope and the specific activities. Courts will consider factors like the employer’s positions and access to sensitive information. Moreover, the valid business interests of the employers should also be taken under notice.


Challenges will arise when enforcing the covenants. Employers will be able to show that the employee entered the agreement and got the needed consideration in return. Employers can even take legal actions when they enforce the covenant if the breach happens.


Individuals and businesses must know about their legal rights and obligations. They have a crucial part in the Australian property law. You can know about the various implications on the property owners and developers.


Restrictive covenants are mostly used by employers to protect their business interests. You need to have the proper attention to detail and understanding of the laws and regulations. Employers and employees must get legal advice when they are opting for restrictive covenants.


Everybody considers restrictive covenants to be legal agreements that establish standards in the community. This can be changed and updated, and it serves to maintain property values and community cohesion. You must know about the covenants to avoid any form of misconceptions and make better decisions about property ownership.


You should opt for getting legal suggestions from Property Lawyers Perth when opting for restrictive covenants. The lawyers are available to offer the needed guidance and advice. This helps you to have a basic idea about your rights and obligations. Moreover, this helps you to protect your interests and avoid any form of legal complications. You can easily explore the complexities of restrictive covenants when you take advice from legal professionals.

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