Complete Law Guide to Perth Pool Fence Regulations

January 19, 2023    propertylawyersperthwide
Complete Law Guide to Perth Pool Fence Regulations

When summer arrives, and people spend their time in spas and swimming pools, they must be aware of the WA pool fencing regulations. People must understand that these regulations are essential to keep the families of people safe and sound.


When your pool area does not meet Australian standards, it will pose a threat to your family’s safety, and you may even have to pay fines from the local council. Before hiring land dispute solicitors, you must know that the age group at the most risk of drowning is from 0 to 5. In this blog, you can learn more about the pool fencing regulations in Perth, WA.

Drowning Rates in Australia

With time, the drowning rates in Australia have also increased, especially in Western Australia, where around 40% of deaths related to toddler drowning occur in swimming pools. If you want to understand more about WA’s pool fencing regulations, you must be aware of the critical needs. You can read the guide below to learn more.

When Do You Need a Pool Fence?

In Western Australia, the legislative framework that helps govern the barrier needs for spa pools and private swimming includes the following:

  • The Building Act of 2011
  • The Building Regulations Act of 2012

You must know that there is a requirement that every spa or domestic swimming pool that has more than 300m of water must have a complaint barrier that surrounds the spa or swimming pool.


It is said that Perth spa pools and domestic swimming pools can also include above-ground pools. When it comes to spa pools, outdoor hot tubs and jacuzzis are both included. But this will not include any spa baths that are emptied after use.

What Are the Reasons for Accidental Drawings of People in Private Swimming Pools?

One of the most significant factors contributing to drowning accidents is the lack of supervised access. Another important factor in drowning incidents is the lack of a proper and sufficient safety barrier.


Before you hire a expert fence dispute solicitors, you must know that the common belief is that devices like lockable pool covers or retractable ladders can provide sufficient protection from any form of drowning. People must understand that these are not barriers that are sufficient for people’s safety; you’ll need a pool fence to help prevent accidental drownings.


There are some other factors that can lead to drowning in spas and swimming pools; they are as follows:

  • Improper placement or design of the barrier
  • Specific objects floating in water that children wish to touch
  • Pool gates or fences that are not maintained properly.

What Are the Changes to Pool Fence Regulations in WA?

With the passing of time, the requirements for WA pool fencing have changed. There are multiple regulations for pools that were built before 1 May 2016 and also for the spas and swimming pools that were created before November 2001.


Due to the above reasons, your local council may check your pool barrier compliance in a different manner based on when your swimming pool was installed. They may also check if the installation plans were submitted in time to the specific authorities for approval.


At times, there are even pool boundary disputes, and you may also notice small differences based on the form of laws of pool fence that you have. For instance, a pool fence made of frameless glass will have the mechanism in another place compared to an aluminium fence.

The WA Pool Fencing Regulation Checklist

Specific spas and swimming pool regulations are in place to save young children from drowning. You can consider this list as prevention methods that can help restrict any form of access by young children.


You must know that the majority of them are easy to measure, and you check them yourself. There are simple things that are often underestimated by adults that often pose certain risks. The experts recommend that you do regular checks or also hire a lawyer.


You must ensure the following:

  • Can the fence be removed without the help of tools, and is it permanent?
  • Is the fence in your property secure and stable?
  • You can check if gaps between the glass panels or bars are spaced less than 10 cm apart.
  • Is the ground on which the barrier is placed strong and not eroded?
  • If the barrier is vertical and if the barrier is leaning more than 15 degrees.
  • Are the gates able to swing freely?
  • Is any kind of climbable objects, such as furniture, toys, or pot plants, outside the pool area at least 90 cm away from the barrier?

When Pool Barriers Are Usually Inspected?

There are multiple people who hire fencing dispute lawyers for their own needs, but most are unaware that local councils are responsible for building approval and also checking compliance. If you wish to build a pool, a permit is needed from the local council, and your pool will be registered after it is completed.


After that, you are set to receive instructions periodically to ensure that your barrier meets WA’s pool safety regulations. The top councils usually carry out the inspection every four years, but this may depend on your council.

Maintaining the Barriers of Your Pool

You must keep this thing in mind that your swimming or spa pool fence should always be maintained. If you are the owner of a glass pool fence, you must check your glass panels regularly to ensure no cracks or chips. You can also choose to walk around the perimeter and also ensure that the panels are stable and fixed.


When you keep your glass clean and maintain it well, you will have better visibility into the pool area for better supervision. But if you do not maintain the glass pool fence at your home, you will risk young children’s lives and may even have to pay fines to your local government.

Get Help from Experts.

If you are looking to install a swimming pool in Perth, WA, it is important that you have a compliant barrier installed by a professional. Before you have to call property dispute lawyers Perth for help, you must choose an expert swimming pool installer with years of experience installing these things.


You must choose experts from a company that has years of experience and can deliver the best materials. They must be able to deliver pool genes that follow Australia’s building code standards. They must be aware of all the WA regulations, which will indirectly indicate that they know things such as the ideal position of the gate within the barrier and can pay attention to detail.

How to Avoid Traffic Pool Accidents?

Supervision is essential to avoid any form of traffic pool accidents, and you must also remember that pool safety barriers will only be adequate to ensure that children do not have access. You must supervise them all the time or have an adult do that for you.

Hire the Best Lawyers from Property Lawyers Perth

To hire the best fencing dispute lawyers Perth, you can associate with Property Lawyers Perth. If you have any pool or spa barrier/fencing issues with neighbours and things cannot be solved with mere words, you can choose to take the help of the best lawyers in Perth to help solve the matter. You can also expect legal advice in such cases.

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