A Closer Look at the Benefits of Buying Property in a Trust

December 5, 2023    propertylawyersperthwide
A Closer Look at the Benefits of Buying Property in a Trust

Many people consider residential property trusts as their homes. It has a roof over their head, and the buyers think of it as a form of investment. The parents buy the properties for their children under trust.


The parents will buy the property for the child and mention the name of the trust for the child’s benefit. This is done when the child is a minor and does not have the basic right to own a property. The child can get hold of the property in the near future. Buying a property with a trust structure is the best available option to give someone for tax benefits.


When you wish to buy a property in a trust, it is important to be aware of the various legal requirements. This is alongside the financial and taxation implications, which must be considered carefully before making the best decision. The website blog discusses every benefit of buying a property in the name of a trust.

What is trust, and how does it work?

A trust is a document that offers you the power to hold and manage the money for your benefit or for someone else’s benefit. A trust is needed for proper estate planning, tax planning, and medical planning.


It is created in the form of a will. This is considered to be a written document that offers distribution of the property after your death. The trust can manage and invest the money and property in the lifetime and after death. The process of putting the property in the name of a trust is considered to be time-consuming and expensive.


The grantor is the person who creates the trust. The trustee manages the money and property. Consider having a beneficiary who will get access to the money and property from the trust. You must have trust assets, which are the money and property available with the trust. The trustee needs to follow the instructions for the trust document and offer ways to manage and give out the trust assets.


The written trust deed must be submitted to the high court for registration. The letters of study must be issued when you appoint the trustees. They will act as the representative of the trust once the high court has issued the letters of authority. The process will be smooth and convenient when you take the advice and guidance from the best property trust lawyers in Perth.

The benefits of buying property in a trust.

Several benefits are available when you buy the property in the trust. Some of them are stated hereafter:

  • Reduced value of the estate: The estate duty fees on your own property will be much less after your own death. This is because the trust owns the property, and you don’t.
  • Separation of Ownership: The property will belong to the trust. The property will not have any form of related costs like estate duty, capital gains tax, and transfer duty and fees. Moreover, the trust never dies, and this marks an additional benefit.
  • Suitable Management: It may happen that you cannot manage the different aspects of the property because you are old. This allows the trust to manage and oversee the assets as your authorized one. The trustees can even sell the property without your family to overcome the complex procedures of the high court application.
  • Creditor protection: The property will be safe from the creditors as it is not owned by you but by the trust.

Tax advantages of purchasing property in a trust.

You can purchase a home and name it for the trust. This helps the trust to own that home. The trustee will have major control over the home and consider planning what will happen to the property after their death. You can have tax and other advantages. The process is more complex than purchasing properties in a proper way.

Asset protection and estate planning considerations.

Asset protection guarantees that the assets you have built over your lifetime will not be lost to the government, nursing homes, and other sectors. Asset protection comes in two types:

  • Protection during lifetime
  • Protection after death

You must want to protect your near and dear ones from creditors and nursing homes. Moreover, this helps you with protection from taxes after your death. Several strict rules and regulations are set on how to protect the assets while you are alive and after your death. You can easily opt for them and complete them if you do it properly.


Tax protection differs from protection from creditors. Several asset protection trusts are available, and they offer you the opportunity to get control of your assets and use them for your own sake. There are even trusts which do not allow you to control and get the benefit of the assets.


You can create the trusts to change and update in your lifetime and use the assets for the family members and other intended beneficiaries. The estate planning landscape comes up with a proper balance between protection in the lifetime and after death. There must be protection from taxes and from other creditors and nursing homes.


Several chances and opportunities are available with asset protection planning. It is important to reach out to the best property trust lawyers in WA to know more about the protection elements.

How to set up a trust for property ownership.

You can easily opt for these services. The process is easy and convenient. Consider doing it online yourself with a fee of $150. Moreover, you can pay stamp duty, which is a state-based tax. More complex structures must have the cooperation of the trustee and the fees of $1200.


It is important to follow the below-mentioned steps to establish trust:

  • Decide the trust assets: You must know about the current value which should be placed before the trust.
  • Determine the beneficiaries: Make a list of people who must get the benefits in the future. This is in the form of a breakdown of the available assets which should be distributed.
  • Appoint the Trustees: You should have a basic idea about the trustees. Consider it crucial to choose and select them wisely and impartially. The trustee must be independent. This means they will have no relationship with the beneficiaries who are listed in the deed.
  • Draft the Trust Deed: It is a legal document that states the rules about your funds. This also mentions the power of the appointed trustee. This is in the form of the objectives of the fund and the various benefits to be paid. The deed must be signed by the trustees as per the laws and regulations. They must be done by professionals who have the required knowledge and expertise.
  • Stamping: This is a state-based tax that is paid for the trust deed. This depends on the state and territory. This is arranged by the authorities and Property lawyers near me.
  • Register the business: You must have an Australian business number, tax file number, and a business in the name of the trust.
  • Consider opening a bank account: You should open a bank account in the trust anime. The bank must have the personal details of the trustee and other parties associated.
  • Trust Activity: The trust will be under operation and will accept contributions as well as make investments.


It is important to know about the different benefits of buying a property. This is in the form of tax advantages, asset protection, and managed estate planning. You should explore the different options to make the most out of your investments.


You need to make sure that the trust is authorized to do the needed transaction and that the trustee can sign the sale agreement. They must be authorized to sign the trust deed, letters of authority, and the resolution of the trustees. Reach out to the Property Lawyers Perth WA to make the most out of your estate planning and transfer.

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