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Legislation all through Australia takes care of the capacity to separate a property by means of conceding separate titles to parts of land, usually related to as lots. The separate titles that are formed are related to as strata titles.
It is widespread practice that the distinct proprietors of the strata titles will share some amenities at the property (this is related to as ‘common property’) such as stairwells, driveways, gardens and other amenities. These amenities do not by themselves form part of a separate Strata Title.

Diverse services rendered by our strata lawyers

In Western Australia, the Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA) governs strata titles; however, a variety of property rights are also taken care of under the Property Law Act, 1969 (WA). Property Lawyers Perth, WA has huge experience in giving lrgal advice and services with respect to strata titles and connected matters containing:
(1) Giving advice with respect to the strata title owners rights (2) Giving advice and standing for strata companies in relation to continuing commitments, their controlling rules and in relation to disputes and court cases (3) Standing for owners engaged in disputes and negotiations coming up with respect to their strats titles (4) Conveyancing help for buyers and sellers of strata titles.

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The most usual title linked to town-houses and home units is the strata title. Proof of ownership of a unit (called a ‘lot’) is commonly shown in a strata plan. Usually a strata plan separates a building and its connected land into lots (each of which has its own strata title) and common property. Strata title lawyers Perth is extensively experienced in disputes regarding strata lots.
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