Importance of guarantee advice

Clients are frequently entreated by entities like suppliers and lenders to give personal guarantees in respect to obligations of related entities like family members or business partners. Such personal guarantees can signify considerable personal risk to the guarantor. These personal guarantees frequently allow another party to make use of the personal assets of the guarantor. Hence, it is imperative for the guarantor to look for guarantee advice.

Besides, financial institutions regularly need guarantors to look for Guarantee Advice regarding personal guarantees to help in the implementation of the guarantee. Giving guarantee involves huge risk, containing the risk of suffering the loss of property and precious assets.

Our crucial role in the process of guarantee advice
Property Lawyers Perth has vast experience in helping and advising clients with personal guarantees, involving: (1) Examining and giving advice to clients about obligations and rights under a personal guarantee (3) Giving advice to clients regarding amendment of personal guarantees (4) Giving advice to and standing for clients with regards to implementing a personal guarantee (5) Giving advice to and standing for clients in relation to opposing implementation by a third party of a personal guarantee.

If you need legal advice with respect to personal guarantees, contact us at residential property lawyers Perth via phone or email. Certain financial institutions need guarantors or borrowers to get independent legal advice, making it a condition for the loans. We at Property Lawyers Perth will appraise your documents of loan and give legal advice.


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